The Farm Bill mainly helps wealthy farmers – and some other Poor-to-Rich...

The Farm Bill mainly helps wealthy farmers – and some other Poor-to-Rich wealth redistribution policies


More Poor-to-Rich Redistribution from the Wacky World of Washington

by Dan Mitchell

I’ve written about how statist policies help the rich and hurt the poor.

And I’ve also pontificated on the destructive and foolish subsidies dispensed by the execrable Department of Agriculture.

Now let’s mix those two issues (though I hasten to add that this isn’t like math…two negatives don’t make a positive.

Here’s an infographic from the American Enterprise Institute showing how farm programs are a (yet another) perverse example of poor-to-rich redistribution.

I particularly like the part about 42 cents of administrative cost to give away 90 cents of other people’s money.

Actually, let me rephrase. I’m horrified and upset that we have this horrible system, so I only “like” that part of the infographic in the sense that it’s an effective way of showing the inefficiency, venality, and stupidity of government redistribution programs.

And don’t forget that if it’s bad to redistribute from rich to poor, it’s downright evil and despicable to redistribute from poor to rich.

P.S. On a different topic, I can’t resist sharing a few excerpts from a story out of Missouri.

Lobbyists who have sex with a Missouri lawmaker or a member of a lawmaker’s staff would have to disclose it to the Missouri Ethics Commission under a bill introduced Wednesday in the Missouri House. …sexual relations would have to be included on monthly lobbyist gift disclosure forms.

And you thought this cartoon was merely satirical.


  • James

    Those of us who live in the farming communities have known this for decades now, many of us have witnessed the takeover of small family farms by either agribusiness, or larger family farms who have been the recipients of the governments subsidies. A good example are the mega milk farms. The government offers substantial tax breaks to foreign families who come in; set up dairies which milk thousands of head of cattle, then when some bacteria is found in the milk (due to the cattle being kept in small enclosures and not allowed to graze as they were created to do ) the milk has to be dumped, and the mega business gets a compensation; while at the same time, they have been fined for dumping the waste into or too close to waterways; raising the nitrate levels beyond acceptable standards. and what happens? The mega dairy is fined, a pittance and often does not even bother to pay up at that.
    The American public have brought this upon themselves by purchasing the cheaper product; just like they do the imports from China. Support your local small farmers who are raising non GMO; who are choosing to use less herbicides and pesticides; and who are loosing their farms because Americans would rather have cheap imported, chemical laden produce!

  • reagangs

    I remember back in the 1940s and 1950s when my Texas panhandle farming family rejected much of the farm aid because of the strings attached. My father planted whatever he wanted and fought the local farm bureau chief. Because he and his brothers were a part of WWIIs America’s Greatest Generation, no one gave them any grief.