If the World were 100 people


Just for fun. If the population of the world was only 100 people, what would society look like?

  • David Williamson

    And so? I first saw this as data presented as a bit of a joke/information in the 70s, again in the 90s so it’s about time. Oddly enough, nothing has changed of any significance. It’s right up there with the prediction there will be no natural blonds within 35 years. Hasn’t happened yet. So, What are we supposed to do about it?
    Feel Guilty?
    Want to rush out and engaged in self destructive socialist behavior?
    I know what the individual putting this out wants me to feel. Not going to happen.
    Most of the world is a fecal fiber container due to bad politics, bad economic decisions, and dictators that know more and better than their people, or at least claim so, and never do. Old adage, ‘Good, Band, They got the guns.’ (Venezula, Brazil, Zimbabwe, etc.., etc., etc.,) So, somebody have a plan for fixing it? Or do we give in to guilt for our sins against the rest of the world? (The last was intended as sarcasm, for the record.)