The Alpha Tiny House Has It All


Build small and live large! David Latimer is the founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes. In this video he shared his 2nd tiny house build named “The Alpha Tiny House.” Like the title says, this tiny house has it all and it’s very high end. Huge kitchen, full-sized jacuzzi tub, sliding overhead glass door, kingsize bed, stow away dining. There are option for people who don’t want a loft bed. Doing a rough addition in my head, this home is probably around $100K according to the prices on the website. 

  • Dave G Marshall

    I have been reading up on these small houses and have seen some popping around where I live. They have to be economical to heat and cool if properly insulated. I find in the winter time I have to block off rooms of my house. Smaller appeals to some that are trying to save money but at $100,000 to build one? There are less expensive ways to achieve the same end results. Other than that, I love them.

  • Moderator

    I agree this one is expensive but it’s all tricked out with the latest gadgets and finest materials. I’m looking at some cheaper ones and hope to cover them soon. Kelly.