Real world advice. How to start a Prepper Pantry


There are three types of prepper pantry. This is a year-round pantry that has six months to one year’s supply of all items. You’ll learn how to create your master list, how to make some items do double-duty, how to shop, and how to store food safely.

This is a truly useful video. Watch and learn.

  • Marguerite Waters

    It must be difficult to keep an ongoing inventory of what you are running out of, but since we are only a couple, I reserve every New Year’s day (we don’t need to recover from the night before!) to mark each can, box, freezer, etc. in our cupboard and in other storage areas with the date of he New Year, such as ’18 for 2018. Use the older cans first, and you’ll know what you need by the dates.