Dakota Pipeline ecoterrorists torch two kids in mass arson attack

Credit: North Dakota Joint Information Center - February 22, 2017
Credit: North Dakota Joint Information Center – February 22, 2017

If environmentalism is a religion, violence is its central tenet.

The largely white, privileged, “protesters” occupying a river bed in North Dakota to try and stop construction of a modern energy pipeline were told to leave this week by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Being spoiled rich kids, they didn’t take the news well.  They set fire to the camp, unleashing rampant pollution into the atmosphere and into the very river bed they claimed they were protecting.

The arson attack also sent two kids to the hospital.  A 17-year-old girl was severely burned by environmentalists and had to be airlifted to a hospital.  A little seven-year-old boy was also burned by environmentalists.

The environmentalists’ temper tantrum resulted in the burning-down of 20 buildings and a car.

The Dakota Pipeline protesters are hated by the very Native Americans they claim to represent.  The media narrative is the pipeline crosses Indian lands and the movement is a Native American protest.

In reality the pipeline is hundreds of miles away from the reservation and many tribe members despise the protesters, who consider the protests to be nothing more than a fun “Burning Man”-style festival.

The environmentalists behind the arson attack that wounded two kids have also tried to kill police officers on multiple occasions.  They have been caught trying to stampede wild buffalo into police and throwing bombs at officers.  One girl had her arm blown apart.  Protesters claim it was from a flash grenade thrown by police.  Police point out they do not have flash grenades, and she was among a group of protesters lighting propane tanks on fire and throwing them at officers.

Another environmentalist was arrested and faces charges after trying to shoot and kill police officers.

The protesters call themselves “water protectors,” but they built their camps directly in the very river bed they claim they are protecting.  That will unleash toxic waste into the river when the winter snows melt and water fills the river bed.

These “water protectors” have also dumped barrels of raw sewage directly into the ground, and have abandoned around 300 cars, which will leak oil into the ground.

That would be the very thing they claimed they were protesting.  There are now fears the environmentalists have turned the riverbed into a toxic waste site.

Most of the environmentalists eventually left the camp, but only after they were given free hotels and food paid for by North Dakota taxpayers.

Many of the protesters were paid to commit acts of violence and disruption, and have no plans to pay North Dakota’s income taxes on their illicit paychecks.

  • Christian Gains

    I may have made a ignorance motivated mistake…I just wrote President Trump that to force the Pipeline through Tribal Territory, (without Tribal permission), is unnecessary & counterproductive.

    Now I learn (what watching EVERY VIDEO that exists of the resistance, DIDN’T inform me of),


    #1] This Pipeline is 200 mi. away from the Tribal water supply, &

    #2], That the Tribe doesn’t even agree with the “SO CALLED” “protesters”!??

    And NOW! These dimwitted morons are destroying BOTH the land, AND, nullifying the Tribes’ legitimate concerns, and illegitimizing they’re resistance against a Pipeline they fear will leak, (as they ALL DO!), and pollute their water supply!! WHAT A GOAT F*&K this turns out to be!!!

    This just goes to SHOW YA: SELF-RIGHTEOUS ignoramuses shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with First Nation protests! Let the tribes do their OWN protesting!!!

    MOST of those “anglo” protesters are doing little good, but having LOTS OF FUN doing nothing but disturbing the peace, and destroying property!!!

  • Allen

    Anybody that supports any “environmentalist” should have their head examined. These so called “people” have always done more damage to the environment than they could ever improve. Same as with all of these paid protestors that leave trash everywhere after their “protests.” If they are so “proud” of what they do, why do they hide their faces. Pathetic “people.”

  • jackel

    These are anarchists, at worst. Any one truly wanting to preserve the environment would not act this way. And, they have their facts confused as always. And the media continues to fan the flames. Real question is who is behind all this violence and misrepresenting of facts; certainly not any good minded environmentalist. We are being betrayed and sieged. Look at the last administration and their friends for the answers.

  • Kevin S

    This is what happens when George Soros sends his hired moon bats to take over a legitimate protest…….

  • fbair1

    DNC, Clinton, and Soros paid protesters……….. Shoot them…

  • catman

    I would have gladly given them food and housing. IT’S CALLED JAIL !!!
    BTW, does anyone know where I can get a couple of those military style tents I saw in the video?? Here in Tucson, we have a homeless veterans encampment that could certainly use a couple of them. I can guarantee they will be put to much better use than these so called “protesters” used them for.

  • Crapola

    They were paid by taxpayers to stay in hotels? That is why our system is so ****** up. To pay anarchists for their destruction is not the way to punish them. They need to go to jail and be fined to repay the taxpayers for all they destroyed and spent.

  • catman

    One way to stop these ass wipes is to arrest every damned one of them. Block all avenues of escape first. Tell them they are under arrest for whatever charges apply. Put them on buses and transport them to the nearest FEMA camp for processing and possible incarceration. Any that are found to have deadly weapons (firearms or explosives) get charged with that too. All vehicles to be impounded until adjudication of that individuals case. If found guilty, vehicles to be confiscated.
    A couple of times around the block like this and these ass wipes would think twice about being an ass wipe.
    Now all that remains to be done is to find judges that are not ass wipes themselves !!!

  • James

    And don’t rubber bullets!
    It’s time to rid America of all these idiots who are nothing more than paid thugs!

  • David Bagdasarian

    Lesson for the BLM. Tell them to leave, once, nicely. If ignored, cap a few, and when the rest attack, cap the rest. End of bullshit protests, momentarily.

  • James

    We all know; (at least those of us who are really concerned for America’s future) who is behind all these violent protests. Trouble is; when is anyone going to do something about it?

  • Phyllis Schultz

    They should have been arrested and prosecuted.

  • James

    I would add one more item to your list: waterboard everyone of them until they give the name of who is paying them to protest, then go after the big guy aka G. Soros.

  • marlene

    Don’t be so sure they were white. Many of the all non-white members of BlackLives[DON’T]Matter look white. But if thy are white, they are college students for sure, Violent stupidity does not discriminate. BUILD THE DAMN PIPELINE ALREADY AND ARREST EVERY PROTESTER THAT SHOWS UP!

  • reagangs

    Old commie Georgie Soros and his UN and EU elite 1% minions and sheeple are at it, again. This, and in addition, many others like the cash strapped DNC and others, bought and paid for, the radical Alinsky and Marx followers.

  • reagangs

    Where’s Carlos Hathcock and/or Chris Kyle when we need them ???

  • Sam

    Soros knows how to recruit Brown Shirts(Thugs)- he was one during Hitlers reign and should have been tried for war crimes with the rest of the Nazi’s.

  • ProgHunter

    Why didn’t the REAL Indians mount up and raid the camp, taking hundreds of scalps? Take the women as slaves. The usual Indian things of the 1800’s. BTW, according to my family tree, I am part Cheyenne (my great-great grandmother).

  • John Richmond

    Bullshit. The pipeline is very close to the reservation and could impact their drinking water if it leaks. It was rerouted from closer to Bismarck by mostly white NIMBYs. We’re fighting pipelines in Virginia that violate private property rights. If they’re not good enough for white people, why should they be good enough for natives? We can debate whether it’s safer to move oil by pipeline or by train (it’s probably safer by pipeline truthfully, but not foolproof). The ultimate answer is to phase out fossil fuels as fast as possible, not enable them.

    Kelly, please do a better job of curating articles for these pages – at least make sure they contain factual info.

    And let’s not start on the number of people injured by alt-rightists…

  • Break out the Bradleys and the tracked quad-fifties!

  • It’s not too late until he assumes room temperature…

  • Jail means 3 hots and a cot, which is more than some of these bindlestiffs had to begin with!

    No, Trump needs to repurpose a FEMA camp for these bums and hire Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run it. They can wear pink jumpsuits, dig holes and break rocks all day to the point of collapse.(Or they could be put on road works chain gangs.) At night they can live in mil-surplus tents, in all weather and during all seasons. Chow can be bologna sandwiches, peanut butter, and beans with the Kool-aid they’d be drinking anyway. If they survive a year of that, THEN they get to pay restitution while on parole until the debt is worked off.

    Then watch these temper tantrums dry up like a puddle in the summer sun!

  • Osage1956 .

    Gunny Hathcock and Chief Kyle are in such version of Valhalla that their individual faith provides, where – I fervently hope – they enjoy the rewards of the steadfast and brave. There are many, many more shaped by the same forge still among us. They will step forward when needed; always have, always will.

  • Those yurts are pricey, too, and warmer in the winter, but it looks like the bindlestiffs set fire to the good stuff!

  • There will be a need for people to patrol the pipeline against the monkeywrenchers for years afterwards. The tribes could use a source of jobs. Win-win?

  • Osage1956 .

    If you wanted to see these eco (cough) warriors pay for the cost of cleaning up their own mess, all it would take is for the judge to say the magic words: “Twenty thousand dollars fine; or twenty days’ at hard labor cleaning up your ecological disaster, followed by twenty lashes.”

  • Osage1956 .

    Maintain an even strain while you wait, Shipmates. They’re getting bolder with every new event. They’re on-track to finally push it too far, and very soon now. Once they do that, it’ll be open season, no bag-limit …

  • Osage1956 .

    Two things remain, Catman: True, we need to find some law-and-order Judges, free of the Progressive/Globalist taint. Then we need to re-institute corporal punishment, in the form of public floggings for adults, rattan canings for juveniles. Give any of these mutts the choice between a $20K fine or 20 lashes and, trust me, they’ll see the light.

  • Osage1956 .

    Waterboarding is overkill, James. These are punks; not soldiers or hardened terrorists. They’ll turn opera star the first time a whip is laid across their backs or a rattan across their asses.

  • Osage1956 .

    “… people injured by alt-rightists…”
    No, John; let’s DO start on them, beginning with their names. Include the date, the nature of their injuries, their activity when injured, and who – if known – injured them.
    “Alt-rightist”. Is that the opposite of a “parlor pink”, a “Cadillac commie”, a “Soros suckass”; or is it just a manufactured propaganda label for the Citizenry who have finally had a gut-full of all the Marxist-lite bullshit and have been pushed as far as they’re going to be pushed?

  • skeptic

    This is newsworthy only to the terminally naive. Ecoterrorists have been behaving like this for at least 50 years.

  • Hollis_Howard

    They just did something about it. Trump sent in 200 highly armed trucks to disperse the violent meat-heads.

  • epauls

    “Environmentalist” means Rioters and has little association with the environment. Their environment should simply be a Prison Complex.

  • John Richmond

    Guy yells at Indian engineer to go home before he shoots him in a bar.


  • acs1949

    Those terrorist thugs should have been forcibly evicted long ago, by the National Guard if necessary. Free hotels and food for leftist thugs? What were the authorities thinking? Turn them out, crack a few heads if necessary in the process, and make them survive in the snow. That would teach the right lesson-that criminal violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The punk’s who attacked police, and the arsonists who burned the buildings and cars, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of applicable law, and those convicted should be required to pay for the damage they inflicted and participate in cleaning up their mess as well. Even if their billionaire backers had to foot the bill, it beats soaking the taxpayers.

  • Robert

    Has nothing to do with this article or Alt Right. Please try to not be so painfully stupid before you post here.

  • David Bagdasarian

    To costly, a cemetery is more appropriate since they don’t give a crap in hades about this country anyway.

  • David Bagdasarian

    You should have lead the raid.

  • David Bagdasarian

    Yeah just like they did when odumbshit was elected, twice. I noticed all the lefty head bashing that went on. You are about as sharp as a bar of soap.

  • David Bagdasarian

    Horseshit! Not germain to this argument.