Climate Change ‘Lunacy’ Called a Gift to Conservatives

Climate Change ‘Lunacy’ Called a Gift to Conservatives

Image: James Delingpole, with permission
Image: James Delingpole, author of “The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism”, with permission.

For conservatives, the “lunacy,” “wrongness,” and “criminality” of climate change theories is the gift that keeps on giving, the executive editor of the London branch of Breitbart News Service said Thursday during a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Three major strands characterize the climate change movement, James Delingpole said during the CPAC panel, sponsored by E&E Legal Institute and titled “Fake Climate News Camouflaging an Anti-Capitalist Agenda.”

Delingpole identified these three strands as a sort of religious view that sees man “as a cancer and blight to the planet,” a “follow the money” component in which well-placed individuals “make money off scams” at public expense, and a political component that exists, he said, because “the left has always wanted to find scientific justification to tax and regulate us and control our lives.”

Joining Delingpole were Steve Milloy, a lawyer and author who founded the website, and Tony Heller, who has written under the pseudonym Steven Goddard at the blog Real Science, which he founded. John Fund, a columnist for National Review, acted as moderator.

When he was on a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2008, Fund recalled, he noticed that activists there were substituting the words “climate change” for “global warming.”

He asked audience members to explain the change, and it turned out to be “a very uncomfortable question,” Fund said. “If you ask a question innocently enough, the truth comes out.”

Since the planet isn’t always warming, environmental activists found that they had more flexibility to advance their agenda under the more generic label of “climate change,” he said.

Looking to the future of energy policy, Thursday’s CPAC panelists said they found cause for encouragement with the Trump administration.

Milloy credited President Donald Trump for a professed willingness to “abolish the EPA” and for recognizing the Environmental Protection Agency has committed “regulatory overreach.” He said he anticipates the Trump administration will “turn loose the American energy industry.”

Environmental activists have made a concerted effort to circulate “fake climate news” in recent years, but the technique is not exactly new, Heller said.

The 1692 witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, may have been brought on in part by a spell of cold weather, he suggested.

Citizens blamed alleged witches for lower-than-average temperatures, according to some news reports.

Panelists also discussed the “climategate scandal” involving emails leaked to the internet from the University of East Anglia in Great Britain in 2009. The emails showed that some university researchers appeared willing to manipulate scientific data to exaggerate global warming.

Such manipulation of scientific data is often at the root of “fake news,” panelists agreed.

CPAC, the largest annual national gathering of conservative activists, runs from Wednesday to Saturday at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington.

  • scott
  • James

    Love your posting!
    Climate change is something which many deny; but man made climate change is something no one can prove! The ice ages of the past are evidence of climate change; where was man in that equation?

  • skeptic

    Ah, yes, “climate change” is a marvelous invention. As open ended as it can possibly get. Somewhat on the order of “100% of the people on the planet drink water. 100% of the people on the planet die (well, maybe not Elvis!). Therefore, drinking water causes death.”

  • Dan

    Of course we have celebrities backing climate change as they fly their private jets spewing pollutants to go to meetings with liberals to talk about climate change.

  • firehawk69

    Climate change….let me see…oh yeah…the climate changes every second….Duh..! Greenhouse gases…..! Ummm…Green…house! A building you construct so you can start your plants early…requires CO2 in order to grow plants repaidly and gives off oxygen….hmmmm…! Whatever happened to the panic on ozone depletion..? Ohh… yeah! That wasn’t true either..!

  • Junior1950

    Climate change?? What Climate change?? Do these so called “climate change experts” have an explanation for the extreme heat and drought of the dust bowl years of the 1930’s?? How about the recent “discovery” of what is known as a “polar votex,” of which there is no such a thing?? I can remember winters when I was a kid where we had more cold weather and snow than we do now, and there was no such thing as a “polar vortex”!!!! I can also remember summers when it was a Hell of a lot hotter than it has been in recent years, and there was no big deal made about it then!! The so called “climate change” (if any) that we are experiencing now is just one of the “normal climate changes” that our beloved Mother Earth has gone through since God created the Universe and everything in it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Global warming, or cooling, caused by average everyday people…IS lunacy

  • Kevin S

    Stop climate change…… END THE SPRAYING OF CHEMTRAILS !!!!!
    Normally, Earth’s climate goes through cycles of warming and cooling, and has done so since it developed an atmosphere. It’s just a part of how things work. But now, we have a psychopathic gang of moon-bats who are geo-engineering the climate to cause wild enough weather changes to drastically affect food crops, in order to reduce the human population. Those same nuts fail to realize that they’re threatening themselves in the process, but, crazy people don’t think far enough ahead to see such things.

  • John Richmond

    This article is a classic case of projection, ascribing to the “left” the methods the right employs to attempt to reestablish an authoritarian political and economic environment.

  • John Richmond

    The 1986 Montreal accord on ozone is considered to be the most successful environmental agreement in history, ending the widespread use of ozone-depleting chloroflourocaruins in favor of substitutes. The ozone holes over each pole are slowly shrinking as a result. It prevented our temperate latitudes from experiencing a need to limit outdoor activities to prevent skin cancer. Industry fought these kinds of regulation for decades, as the fossil fuel industry is now fighting the regulation of CO2 and other air pollutants. Big ag fights regulation of methane, etc.

  • Ed Decker


  • kassa1

    This is about Global SLAVERY of the 99% ! Make no mistake about it and if they take control they will iridicate people who speak out against the orbtry to expose their evil agenda! The one world billionaires want to eliminate 5.5 billion people from the planner as they acclaim the earth can’t support 7 billion people, another elietest phony propaganda to get ridd of the majority and the rest will be their slaves! Will your children be their slaves?

  • daves

    That is the most illogical argument of them all. Because climate has changed without human influence you think it follows that humans cannot influence climate.

  • James

    Nam may have the ability to make micro-changes to the environment, but the cataclysmic events these environmental terrorists are claiming are far beyond man’s frail ability.
    Real scientists are already stepping up with the very same information.
    Stop listening to the quack scientists who are only out to steal more money from the tax payer through gov. grants!

  • daves

    Pretty much every scientific organization in the world agrees that humans are driving the current warming.

  • Macjamm

    We can influence the climate on purpose if we want and we do, GEOengineering is causing weather anomalies all over the World but “Global Warming”- Climat change is NOT caused by CO2 emissions CO2 is something that every living-breathing thing on earth emits and every plant on earth takes in too live, Carbon emissions are synonymous with life basic primitive and technological.. So the Elite think if they can Tax CO2 emissions that they can control every aspect of existence on Planet Earth, The UN is planning on making over a 100 trillion dollars over 10 years on Carbon taxes so this is a VERY high-stakes game they are playing for control of planet Earth.. You are just one of their useful idiots, useful to them but useless to humanity, in fact you are a detriment.

  • daves
  • Macjamm

    ALL those guys are Globalists playing the Globalist rip off game, THERE IS NO NEED for any carbon Tax because there is No carbon based global climate change!!

  • daves

    Once again, I’ll go with the overwhelming evidence over your opinion.

    These guys took the motive out of your conspiracy.

  • Macjamm

    More than 300 scientists warn over Trump’s climate change stance..

  • James

    As I stated before; check with the real scientists, not the globalist pawns who are paid to strike fear into the weak kneed, and gullible liberals!

  • James

    sun spots have shown a greater effect on our climate that man’s puny efforts! And when Mt. Etna erupted, it put 10 times more carbon monoxide in that one eruption, than all of mankind throughout history!

  • Junior1950

    Maybe it’s time these so called “climate change experts” to start studying the effect that Sun spots have on Earth’s climate. It is also a well known fact that as stars (and our sun IS a star) get older and lose mass, their temperature rises the closer they get to dying, and our Sun ISN’T getting any younger, nor is it going to last forever!! These “expert scientists” had better go back 70 years, and see just how much mass our Sun has lost between then and now!! I’ll bet they would be amazed at just how much our Sun has “shrunk” (and getting closer to dying) in that 70 year time span!!

  • Arch00

    You mean carbon dioxide, right? Anyway the ash spewing from the eruption would cause cooling.

  • daves

    And as I just showed you, they don’t exist.

  • daves

    Climate Science Denier Richard Lindzen’s List of 300 “Scientists” Sent to Trump Is the Usual Parade of Non-Experts

  • Macjamm

    Yeah yeah yeah Only the establishment Globalist stooges are REAL experts, you are a freaking joke.

  • daves

    They should probably at least be scientists, don’t you think?

    There are medical doctors, mystery men, coal executives, petroleum
    engineers, economists, and think tank members. Only a small handful
    could be considered even remotely “qualified” or “eminent” — but not in
    the field of climate science.

    According to the list, there are people who are “interested in
    climate” and one resident of Sweden who is identified only as an
    “emailer who wished to sign the petition” which, judging by the quality
    of the rest of the list, is totally good enough.

    Some signers have no affiliation or address whatsoever (please step
    forward, Roger Bee, Barry Beetham, Geoffrey Billard, David Boothby,
    Claude Brasseur, Simon Breeze, Ray Cullen, Joan Gorner, Kurt Granberg and at least a dozen other mystery people, whoever you are).

  • Macjamm

    Out of the 9 thousand supposed UN scientists that support global warming only 3 have anything to do with weather science, and most aren’t even scientists..

  • daves

    Mr. Nye is a very smart man and I appreciate the comparison.

  • Macjamm

    You would. Liberals need and pander to Stupid Americans.

  • Gary Von Neida

    Your article is a wonderful and enlightened view into the fraud of those like Al Gore. Tax & Spend.
    Regulate & Control.