Hundreds of scientists demand Trump drop US from UN climate scheme

Photo credit: {ixabay, CC0 Public Domain,
Photo credit: {ixabay, CC0 Public Domain,

Hundreds of scientists have signed on to a formal letter demanding President Donald Trump withdraw the United States from the United Nations’ Paris climate scheme.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been an outspoken supporter of U.N. climate programs and Barack Obama’s carbon tax. Trump’s daughter and unofficial senior policy adviser Ivanka Trump is also pressuring her father to keep the U.S. in the program, which would require America to downsize its economy, lower Americans’ standard of living and crack down on personal freedoms.

Farm equipment, wood stoves and personal generators could be banned or heavily regulated under the U.N. scheme.

The petition reads:

“We urge the United States government, and others, to withdraw from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We support reasonable and cost-effective environmental protection. But carbon dioxide, the target of the UNFCCC, is not a pollutant but a major benefit to agriculture and other life on Earth. Observations since the UNFCCC was written 25 years ago show that warming from increased atmospheric CO2 will be benign — much less than initial model predictions.”

Many of the scientists are part of the CO2 Coalition, which educates citizens and lawmakers on the actual science behind carbon dioxide and climate.

“Since 2009, the U.S. and other governments have undertaken a number of actions with respect to global climate that are not scientifically justified and that already have and will continue to cause a great deal of pointless social and economic harm. While we support effective, affordable, reasonable and direct controls on conventional environmental pollutants, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. To the contrary, there is good and growing evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plants that nourish all life. It’s plant food, not poison,” says Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, Professor Emeritus at MIT and a Member of National Academy of Sciences, who created the petition.

  • Mark N

    LIndzen is a an old fart nutjob. The “emeritus” bit usually refers to professors put out to pasture because their brain is fried.

  • phil62

    They had best start removing something from the godless UN. They could start first by stopping 1/3 of the UN’s annual income and then just kick them to hell out of this country. If those damned blue hats ever show up at my door I will be in heaven shortly thereafter; but I guarantee you 1 or more blue hats will be on their way to hell.

  • I would like to see the petition with the signatures of the scientists and their expertise. The above paragraphs contain much unsubstantiated information. Finally, the author’s full name should be included, not just D.E.

  • reagangs

    I have been preaching this for the past decade or so, ever since old Al and his “hockey stick” graph hit the scene. I am an amateur geologist and astronomer and a retired mechanical engineer and physicist and I pretty much understand how the Earth/Sun and Earth’s molten core plays into the scheme of the false UN climate agenda. The nuclear furnace that is our Sun is an unregulated furnace that has a cyclic energy output with plasma storms that effect our atmosphere. CMEs can disrupt communications and create havoc with our weather. The molten core “bleeds” at thousands of places, on land and ocean bottoms (how were most of the islands were formed ?). The hundreds of geothermal zones and volcanoes emit hot (~2,000*F) molten lava, ash and toxic deadly gasses (CO, CO2, steam, SO, SO2, NO, NO2, H2S and others). These random events are the REAL reasons there are climate changes. Not the radicals that promote global warming, climate change, the UN Agenda21/agenda2030/ sustainability/ social, economical and environ-mental justice or whatever they are calling it, now. THE SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED.

  • JC

    defund the UN and be done with them

  • will

    This is insane and Ivanka just lost my vote

    would require America to downsize its economy, lower Americans’ standard of living and crack down on personal freedoms. Farm equipment, wood stoves and personal generators could be banned or heavily regulated under the U.N. scheme.

  • skeptic

    From “De Anza College’s Ridha Hamidi, Ph.D., says, ‘More energy from sunlight strikes the earth in one hour than all of the energy currently consumed on the planet in one year. The amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the planet is so vast that in one year it is about twice as much as will ever be obtained from all of the Earth’s non-renewable resources of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium combined.'”

    Even IF the U.S. could shut down every energy source tomorrow, the notion that it would have any measurable effect on the planet’s energy absorption is just laughable. (Scientists also admit that water vapor is a worse heat trap than CO2; maybe we should ask Uncle Al how to stop the rain?) The cartoon immediately above this “Comments” section says it all: “Carbon Tax: Another Wealth Distribution Scam.”

  • will

    If we outlaw the UN think of what a big reduction of carbon that would be. 192 jets flying them to lunch in paris

  • Beware the globalist nation mergers, thieves, and liars.

    – Council on Foreign Relations – founded 1921
    – United Nations – founded 1945
    – World Bank (UN finance institution) and IMF – founded 1944 at Bretton Woods conference, both based in Washington DC
    – Trilateral Commission – founded 1973

    “The Council of Councils is a CFR initiative connecting leading foreign policy institutes from around the world in a common conversation on issues of global governance and multilateral cooperation.”

  • lbrack

    Also, the hot CO2 coming out of their mouths when they speak lies, and the body heat generated when one of the members out lies another.

  • generalJed

    We need to get the U.N. Out of the U.S.. So said the John Birch Society in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s. We should have listened then! The Climate Treaty is simply a massive theft of tax money from the U.S., to be re-distributed to third world dictatorships, with U.N. officials getting rich during the transfers. Only third world dictators would make out from this scheme.

  • Warren

    Drop out of the UN altogether Front Organization for New World Order (Bilderbergers) And Stop them from laying Chemical Trails that completely cover my City of Ventura California every Day coming & going from the direction of Point Magoo NAS UN Drones at about 10 thousand feet large twin engine Jets at about 20 thousand feet believe it has to do with agenda 21

  • Original Anna

    Why is our Secretary of State sounding like the old Secretary of State. Is he a democrat or what. And why is Trump’s daughter for keeping up the fake climate change that the U.N. is wasting time and money on. The U.N. needs to start stopping ISIS and Islam from spreading through murder and start backing up Israel that is getting bombed practically every minute by the Palestinians so why is Ivanka pushing her Father to support this U.N. anti climate, anti Israel, pro Islam, anti women and children and anti American crap. Trump better get the Secretary of State on what the U.N. should be doing instead of wasting our taxpayer money on the U.N. progressive crap. We do need to get out of the U.N. and use our money to straighten out what the U.N. is not doing in this world which they were set up to make it a better world by working with countries to up their economies not bring them down by climate change, Islam spreading, etc., etc. I don’t donate to the U.N. childrens programs any more, I put my donations into these Christian organizations doing more for Christians and non Christians in more countries than the U.N. In fact, the U.N. is making concerted sneaky attacks at these organizations because they are outdoing the U.N. Just where is the money given to the U.N. really going to and you sure don’t see it working for people.

  • Rezon1

    How to prove you’re not a scientist, or at least you’re not a scientist with any expertise in biology, physics or chemistry, or some other hidden agenda, or a scientist completely out of his depth talking about a topic he doesn’t understand: “Carbon dioxide… is not a pollutant but a major benefit to agriculture and other life on Earth.” This “argument” has been debunked so many times, it’s hard to believe any sentient intelligent person, especially a scientist, would not be embarrassed to make it.

    Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere creates the “greenhouse effect” which keeps heat from radiating off the earth’s surface as it should, thus warming the planet. Excess carbon dioxide is also absorbed in our oceans, where it becomes acidic. This process has already killed off hundreds of squ
    are miles of coral reefs, which are at the bottom of the food chain and support all animal sea life either directly or indirectly.

    It’s difficult to believe this Lindzen person can call himself a scientist and not understand the simple physics of excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. But then scientists speaking out of their field of expertise, as in, someone who is not a climate scientist talking about climate change, are the same as doctors doing the same thing. I’ll trust. the specialists, the 97% of climate scientists around the world, the national academies of science of every major nation in the world, the US military, and many responsible multinational corporations, all of whom accept the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting Anthropogenic Global Climate Change.

    This is what knowledgeable scientists think of Lindzen:

  • Rezon1

    “Godless?” Whose God did you have in mind? If you are referring to the Christian God, you must remember, more people in the world are not Christians than are. So, if you want the UN to have a God, you better get ready for Allah.