Squat on squatters. Justice the old-fashioned way


Charlie LeDuff is a Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter, formerly at The New York Times and TheDetroit News, and currently on Fox TV’s The Americans with Charlie LeDuff

This is him at work busting a Detroit squatter and getting the house back for the owner. 

  • TPM

    Squatters should be executed.
    If you break into someone else’s home, and start living there, you are a thief.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    and all this in just a few minutes, GOOD!!!

  • James

    What disability did she have? Apparently it is a mental disorder!
    BTW; isn’t stealing electricity a crime? She should also have that crime added to her jail/prison term!

  • Rastus

    There would be a whole lot of ass kicking, nose breaking, eye blackening, and general stomping if it were my house. No law would be able to stop it.

  • Rastus

    I am purely a gentleman and nice guy but, this crap has gotten so out of hand that they need it fixed, yesterday!

  • leonh1

    OH BOY, wait until the do-gooders get ahold of you.

  • Mark Plenn

    Loco Lynch has proven the extent the Obama cabal has gone beyond the law’ by calling for bloodshed. May she be the first to be blooded. Obama tried to be Emperor; but the law only let a potus two terms (8 years) so he backed his OLD enemy Hillary Clinton, hoping she would become the next potus and save his legacy. Unfortunately a new comer Donald Trump won the Presidential race and spoiled Obama’s plans. Obama has used every trick he could muster since November 9th to try and undo the making of PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP; who didn’t have to hide his middle name to win the race.

  • Mark Plenn

    There is no international right to move into someone’s home and take possession; other wise I’d take over Buckingham Palace. So a crime is a crime and need doesn’t negate criminal acts.

  • Front Sight

    This is what the squatters do in Mexico!

  • Harold Sammons

    but Obama will continue to push the one world government agenda, so he can be ruler of the world!