Why Snoop Dogg shooting a clown Trump is dangerous in today’s political environment


In case you missed the latest entry into the journal that is Liberal lunacy, Snoop Dog has released a new video in which he shoots a gun at a clown dressed as Donald Trump. Since its release online it has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Conservatives voiced their anger across social media and also mainstream media outlets slamming the video. Of course Liberals rushed to the defense of Snoop… Is it Snoop or Mr. Dogg? Oh wait that’s right, its Calvin Broadus, Jr.

Anyways, Conservatives pointed out that if this had been a more Conservative leaning rocker like Kid Rock shooting a gun be it real or just a silly bang flag gun like in Calvin’s latest, there would most likely be more than just online outrage. Given what we have seen from the tolerant left these days, there would be riots and physical assault on anyone viewed as a “threat” a.k.a. Conservative. Calvin defended his video in a profanity laced rant in which he called trump a clown and said that “someone has to speak out against him.”

Leftists say that it is just a form of artistic expression, which is covered under the first amendment. It is indeed not illegal to create a film or video in which an actor who portrays a political figure gets shot. On one hand that is the great thing about living in a free country, free speech. The problem here is the current political and social environment. A man armed with pepper spray jumped the Whitehouse fence already and is currently free until trial. And let’s not forget that just after Trumps inauguration, Madonna also made a verbal threat against the Trump Whitehouse saying that she had been thinking an awful lot about blowing it up. She also defended her comments as did Liberals.

What are the ramifications of this type of speech? Well, if history tells us anything it is that some crazy people tend to fixate on celebrities. They for whatever reason, look at the things these overpaid crybabies put out there for the public as gospel. Case in point, John Hinckley, Jr was a man obsessed with Jodi Foster and he also happened to shoot President Reagan. Ironically Foster recently spoke out against Trump at what else but another anti-Trump rally thrown by sore losers.

One has to wonder given the backlash that we have seen against our new president just since January 20th, how many crazy people are out there watching these actors and musicians and listening to the hate they spew? How many are out there in the wings hoping to catch their obsessions eye by attacking the president? Hinckley failed to accomplish impressing Foster. She even denounced what he did publicly. Given the images these celebrities are portraying in regards to their hate for Trump, impressing them wouldn’t be a far stretch to a crazy person.


By Joe Alexander. Joe lives in a log home up a two track in the woods in Michigan. He likes to speak for the average American, like his namesake.