Strike one for the good guys – Bank robber shot by guard


Security guard Brian Harrison didn’t hesitate when armed bank robber Laurence Turner stormed into the Rockford Bank in Illinois.

What Turner thought would be a quick and easy score turned out to be the last mistake he would ever make.

Here’s three different views of the deadly encounter from security camera footage.  It shows what an armed and alert citizenry can do when confronted with active criminals.

  • Larry

    I don’t know. The shot that killed him was from the back. Watch out of a lawsuit.


    Good man…good reaction to the bad guy and his pistol….now let us be prepared for the Demo / Liberal / Progressive /oh so much holier than thou parties to attempt to charge this man with murder / assault / voluntary manslaughter / discharging a firearm in a public building / noise pollution / failure to pick up his brass as a littering charge…

  • Sharon Holmes

    Very short trial.

  • jrhorton54

    Not necessarily…the coroner will decide which wound was the cause of death. The last shot is not always the fatal one.

  • pappy450

    Good job! That’s one the taxpayers won’t have to house and feed. (or put up with court costs)


    I’m amazed they didn’t charge the guard with shooting a fleeing ape, LOL!

  • HOORAH==SCORE ONE for the GOOD GUYS!!!! That low life vermin won’t be robbing any more banks. I love HAPPY ENDINGS to exciting stories!!

    OLD ONE 80

  • randolph.poole

    Hopefully, this POS who attempted the robbery is KIA!