Explaining Zero Days. They are on your computer. And pretty much every connected device on the planet.


Melanie Teplinsky, cybersecurity expert and adjunct professor at American University’s Washington College of Law, explains the lifecycle of a zero day: A previously unknown vulnerability in software that could allow hackers access to people’s data without them knowing.

Remember last year when the NSA was hacked? They stole all the Zero Day bugs the Agency had collected. We’re all screwed. These Zero Days can be used to weaponize critical infrastructure like trains, planes, automobiles, medical equipment, drones, etc.

  • Andrew Molina

    Interesting is how home security systems w/DVR and capacity to observe these security cameras from your smart phone over the internet are being flooded onto the market at “dumping” type prices as produced by the Chinese. You see, every Americans eyeballs, buying habits and capacity to control these habits into more purchasing of goods is part of the real property of America through which the Fed formulates the basis of interest rates and the amount of printed money – if buying habits and total purchased goods is the basis of value for the American economy b/c it assures manufacturing productivity around the world which gives slave laborers the chance to, at least have food and shelter and remain subordinate to the ruling domain, then the Chinese are interested in determining how they can observe our habits to attempt to use this data to further manipulate your conscience to buy more of their products – the capacity to do so may be another tool through which they can work around the Fed s control of the interest rates b/c the American buyer will demand certain goods which the Chinese are trying to corner the market on and further erode our capacity to compete and the dollar then becomes irrelevant. But you will be able to watch your dog grind up the sofa seat cushions over your smart phone while at work or wherever you go during the day b/c there are dwindling job growth rates b/c we are buying Chinese made merchandise.
    Anyone for a game of cognitive dissidence