Do You Know How to Make Fire From Ice?


Did you know that you can make fire from ice? I’m willing to bet that you did. It’s one of those random factoids that has become a part of popular culture (probably due to it being mentioned in the 1997 survival film The Edge). It’s a piece of advice that’s commonly thrown around by armchair survivalists, whenever the topic of wilderness survival comes up.

However, there’s something you probably didn’t know about this technique. Trying to make fire from ice isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. It’s not as simple as shaping a piece of ice into a lens and letting the sun shine through it. The conditions of the ice, the weather, and the material you’re trying to burn all have to be perfect, and there is a right way and wrong way to work your ice into a useful tool.

Still interested in learning how to make fire from ice? You can get the lowdown on this fascinating skill by checking out the videos below.

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  • M40

    The videos span three days… at the start he shows the ‘perfect’ ice chunk he managed to harvest from a creek the day before. He then spends an afternoon carving and melting it into a lens, but has no sun to work with. The day after that he’s got sun, but can’t start his tinder with the lens. He finally resorts to igniting a big piece of char cloth.

    If you remembered to bring char cloth with you when trekking into the woods, you could have also remembered to bring a lighter… or better yet, two or more lighters. This is one of the more ridiculous and impractical pieces of “survival” lore.