DIY solution to serious mouse or rat problem


I’m not so worried about mice outside – although as I always think that mice = snakes I’m happiest when they’re nowhere near the house. And I’m definitely not a fan in the house. I don’t know about you but I can smell when mice are around; their urine stinks and I immediately reach for some poison. But if I have small domestic animals or kids under foot I’m always a tad worried they’ll get into it somehow and make themselves sick. Similarly, I worry about the good old-fashioned traps as little fingers and paws get everywhere.  So non-poisonous, not snapping options are always good.

What do you think of this one? Aside from the gruesome sight of a drowned mouse or two, do you think it’s a good solution?

There’s a “dry” version here that comes with a warning. Mice eat each other apparently.

  • disqus_v5723Mqspa

    Wow! So simple. And it’s not gruesome, in my own estimation; disgusting but not gruesome, and very satisfying! Thanks for the tip; I have a friend who can use this method.

  • NotPCorrect

    It Does work & Damned well! Years ago a plant I worked at had problems with mice & rats infiltrating the snack machines & trashcans. We had exterminator after exterminator try to clear them out for 6 months with little success. We used a variation on this & cleared them out in 2 weeks.

  • Mikial

    It may seem gruesome, but it works. Sometimes simple is better. I served four years in the Navy, and after certain port calls we would have a lot of cockroaches that came on board with stores. Nothing fancy seemed to work, but we didn’t want them crawling over us at night while we slept, so we would take 4″ wide tape and fold it in half, then stick it to the bulkhead so that half the sticky side was up. In the morning there would be a dozen or so cockroaches stuck standing on each piece.

  • genann59

    An easier method that works as well is to fill the bucket with water and then drop some dry dog food on the top. The mice will try to get to the dog food, fall in and drown. My landlord showed me that method and I have used it and it does work. Kinda nasty dumping out the dead rodents, but better than any other method I’ve seen. All it takes is the bucket, water, and a couple handfuls of pet food. No skills, nothing to put together.