Snakes on a… motorbike?


A motorbike rider came under attack from a leaping snake in Thailand
Footage captured the moment the snake leapt in the air as the bike rode past
The man was forced to lift his legs to avoid being bitten by the serpent

Or this one, that’s actually onboard a bike in Brazil. This sneaky serpent decided to slither into the rider’s lap at 155mph. At first he thinks it’s a prank. But as it flicks its forked tongue at him he realizes it’s the real thing and pulls over. The rider also makes sure the snake is safe and returned to the land.

  • charlie

    yes a cottonmouth moccasin will I have had several attack me in Florida in the water and in a boat

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Snucking fakes.

  • Howard Rose

    I have in Arkansas too

  • JerrySupportsIsreal

    Damn sneaky snakes anyway. My be they like going for rides on bikes. Who don’t?

  • J.w. Johnson

    Black racer snakes have chased my dad, his friend and myself while riding ATVs

  • Bart

    Watched one chase my cousin all over the yard, standing up on its tail and striking constantly. I’ve never seen a snake so pissed off and aggressive.

  • George

    And he let it live. Brazil wouldn’t have missed it.