This one hilarious photo blows the lid off liberal #gunsense


Twitter user Chris McAllister (@themanfronUNCLE) has done it again.

He posted the following photo with an easy question for liberals.

Photo credit: Chris McAllister

In case you didn’t notice, it’s the same gun, only with different cosmetic features.  Both fire the same ammunition, at the same rate.

And liberals are taking the bait.

You see, that’s the heart of soul of liberalism.  They have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, and have no clue how the world works, but as self-appointed moral and intellectual superiors, they have a duty to run your life.

We only own guns.  Liberals weaponized ignorance.

The Baseball shooter’s Gun?

The SKS used by the Virginia Baseball shooter in 2017 has none of the “scary” features of Image 1 above. It has a wooden rifle stock, a fixed magazine, no pistol grip, and no threaded barrel… it can be loaded with a “clip” (not a removable magazine as you see on semi-automatic pistol). They were designed in the 40s and quickly made obsolete by the arrival of the AK-47.

Image: By Amenhtp (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Clip for M1 Garand x8rd and SKS x10rd.
  • Rd Lankes

    No Comment s ??? Why not ??? It is an excellent weapon in the hands of a trained MarXman (I didn’t want those in Rio Linda to miss the Pun).

  • Dan

    What do you expect from the former ruling class ? Pelosi once said she wasn’t worried about the “clips” used in AR’s because once the “bullets were shot” you just throw away the “clip” Any questions Nancy just ask anyone with just a minimum knowledge of firearms. Way to go Pelosi the moron !

  • CB2111

    This might explain why the shooter missed his target. (Thank God) The SKS is not a very accurate gun and is known as a shoot and spray kind of rifle for close quarters fighting. And his wife never saw this coming even though he was living out of his van in the Washington D. C. area for several months. What did she think he was doing living on the streets so far away? Being a tourist??? Duh!

  • RetiredSGM

    I loves me some clips!! That’s why I own an M1 Garand.


  • Force Recon

    Best battle rifle ever made I trained with that at MCRDPI

  • RetiredSGM

    Definitely beats the Matty Mattel “spray and pray” M16.

  • Force Recon

    The one I captured in Vietnam is a pile of junk Just like the AK all it can really do is keep people’s heads down. In a CQB situation (under 50 meters) they might be somewhat accurate I’ll take my M-1 Garand any day any at any distance against either or both of those. Best Russian rifle made is the 7.62x54MM Mosin Nagant

  • magno et malo lupo

    When I was on my second tour in Vietnam they tried to take my M-14 from me and give me that POS I told them to stick it where the sun didn’t shine and kept the M-14 Try and vertical butt-stroke an enemy with that “Matty Mattel and it breaks. Never had issues with my M-14 with cartridge cases stuck in the chamber as did the Matty Mattel. When I hit a gook he went down not so with that .22 cal round

  • Dixon Ermouth

    Shhhhh. Don’t point that out, I like my hunting rifle (#2). Gun cosmetics are fun though. I once had a .22 caliber that looked like an M16. It had peep sights which were great, and it made a good varmint hunting gun.

  • Allen Benge

    Only in America do Liberals shoot at Conservatives, then use that to demand Conservatives be disarmed.

  • Richard Manley

    I distinctly remember a congressman stating he identified the “shooters” weapon as being a AK-47 assault weapon due to the “banana” style magazine.

  • Richard Manley

    Probably a idiot Democratic Socialist too !

  • David Blakeman

    What do you expect? He is a congressman.

  • George

    Liberals for you: Once there was a liberal engineer resting comfortably at the bottom of a guillotine where his torso was going to be separated from his head. The order was given to execute and the blade started down, accelerating and JAM! The silence was deafening in the square. The engineer turned his head and looked at the blade and declared “I see the problem!” Don’t be him. Teach them nothing!

  • George


  • John

    Me to one of the best firearms on the market. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is what I say, but bring yours.

  • Rd Lankes

    My favorite is my M1 – excellent at 500yards (not meters – heh heh heh).

  • John


  • David Van

    “the heart of soul” … seriously? I’m available if you folks need an editor – otherwise you’re just giving them ammunition. Scheesch!

  • Allen Benge

    Thank you, George. That story really hit a chord with me. Happy Father’s Day, guy!

  • Kevin S

    The nut job was a confirmed Sanders supporter.

  • Force Recon

    I prefer the metric system as 500 Meters is 9.1% further than 500 yards (heh heh heh) Teah I know everyone wants a little but no one wants a wise one

  • Force Recon

    The Mosin Negant being a bolt rifle is a tad more accurate at a longer distance but the Venerable M-1 Grand well there has n=been nothing made to date that compares with the speed accuracy and reliability of the M-1

  • Bart

    You sound like you’re describing the AK more than the SKS. An SKS is much more accurate than you give them credit for, especially the early Russian models with fully milled receivers as was used in this case. I can put all 10 in the X ring at 100 yards using the stock sights on mine. With an AK, you’d be lucky just to get a shot on the paper.

    Also, you can’t do very much “spraying” with a 10 round semi-automatic. CQB as a doctrine/concept had not been developed during the SKS’s time. Militaries were still training and equipping for the traditional battlefield.

  • George Rowe

    Today’s so-called “liberals” are in reality faux-libs as in fake liberals.
    They are in NO SENSE liberal.
    A Liberal is one who believes in individual liberty and freedom.
    Those who founded our American Constitutional Republic were (to the English)
    rebels and True Liberals.