This dude made his own cedar strip canoe. And now so can you.


Want to know how to make and paddle your own cedar strip canoe? Watch this. And go to the YouTube Channel called A Guy Doing Stuff  where this beast of a woodworker has made 19 videos showing you how to everything up to weaving the seats on this beautiful canoe. It took him eight months to make and he documented every step.

Here’s the link to his Channel:

  • skeptic

    Yep. I did make one. Doesn’t have those beautiful designs, but cedar strips, gunnels and keel strip look very familiar! A lot of fun – AND a lot of work! Mostly though, lots and lots of patience. Especially if it’s fiberglassed with no environment controlled space to work!

  • Mikial

    Wow, a work of art. Clearly a labor of love. Very cool. I’ve always enjoyed canoes, and have canoed on everything from lakes to marshes to rivers. I especially loved my time on the black water rivers and marshes in South Carolina.