Easy trick to clean cast iron


Cowboy Kent and his stuck-on cackleberries…

Cowboy Donny says:
Sea/kosher salt is expensive, so I save all the old baking soda I keep in the fridge. I use it to scrub pots and pans. I make a paste for cleaning all my surfaces.

  • John Decker

    I’m not a cowboy, just another old fart who has learned a thing or three. I agree completely that this method only works on a well seasoned pan. His method is great to do that. Where we differ is this. I saw this elsewhere on the ‘net and came to like it. Purchase a chain mail pot scrubber. They are available from multiple sources and inexpensive. Clean your pan by letting it cool to the touch, then scrubbing under water as hot as you can stand. The wire the chain mail is made from must be round in cross section, i.e. no facets or angles. The round wire cannot scratch the iron, and if not boiling, the water will not remove the seasoning from the pan. When done, put a few drops of detergent on the scrubber, rub it between your hands,and any excess oil will be cleansed for the next use. Put it aside to drip dry, it will not rust as it is stainless steel. Do not use any soap or detergent on the pan itself, as that will remove the seasoning. I use my pan almost every morning at breakfast, have been cleaning this way for over a year, and see no sign of wear on either pan or scrubber. If you’re worried about germs, I think anything hot enough to cook bacon or sausage will kill any “bugs” present. The salt will need replenishment as will “sponge” scrubbers- the chain mail might last a lifetime. Just a thought.