10 hiding places to store your valuables


Hiding placesHere are 10 places you can store valuables that people probably won’t look. Store cash, credit cards, passports, jewelry or even firearms. Whether your home has been invaded by a burglar or by looters, they are unlikely to look in these places.



  • kmdilli

    You should really find a more private way to give up some of “our” secrets!

  • Curse4u

    Forget the fake air ducts as hiding places. A quick look with a flash light reveals which are real and which are fake. Taping a gray envelope (with duct tape) to the inside of a REAL air duct is a better option. In a police search, ALL your duct covers will be removed as well as switch and outlet covers.

  • Moderator

    That’s a great idea. Thank for sharing.

  • Moderator

    Not sure how we do that. I just hope there are so many options a “smash and grab” thief wouldn’t have time to check them all.

  • mrpoohead

    Great now I know where to look when i go thieving. Yippee!!!!!!!