Only in Texas does the National Guard get bailed out by a bunch of rednecks with lifted trucks

Image: Screengrab

This is hysterical!

But kudos to both the National Guard and the Redneck Army, and all the other down-home volunteers who got off their butts and went to the rescue of fellow Americans.
I saw a post from a whiny liberal snowflake from New York who said she’d have jumped on one of the rescue boats just to tear off the Confederate flag and throw it in the floodwaters. My guess is she would have wilted, cried and elbowed others out of the way to be rescued.
It amazed me that these idiots can’t see through to what matters when the chips are down. The strong, silent, family guys (and gals!) are the ones who keep themselves to themselves and respond only when needed – with the best of intentions and a gladness of heart. May God Bless them and their jacked up trucks!
  • James Andrews

    And if ya loot, they shoot!

  • Snake

    For a “redneck” this is just another day at the “office”.

  • Mikial

    I’d like to see a bunch of Liberal snowflakes in their Toyota Prius do this. But they’ll did real Americans who live by the sweat of their own hands and backs for being Rednecks. Well, I’m proud to be a Redneck! But, you’ll never see anything like this in the Liberal media . . . it doesn’t fit their agenda.