How do you pay when the power is out?


Reddit user voicesinmyhand made a very good point about planning for survival after a cataclysmic event.

You can be prepared for any event, but when everything blows over, don’t count on everything to be smooth sailing directly afterward.

Here’s what voicesinmyhand had to say:


Most of Irma is done with here in FL. We were prepared, but lacked this one thing that we never really thought much about… from preppers

Voicesinmyhand was prepared and lucky enough to have only needed TireSlime, but when mass hysteria hits and the demand for first aid supplies, water, and food is high, you can’t depend on a national company like Walmart to choose you over business interests.

Make sure you’re prepared for situations like voicesinmyhand described.

How would YOU prepare for a situation like this? Share your ideas in the comments below.

  • bontai Joe

    I can’t see any store that uses a scanner to get the price of items is going to do business in a blackout. Running to see what the price is on the shelf for each item is way too time consuming. Plus in my corner of the world, the average cashier can’t do the math without the help of the cash register. The old fashioned General Store with price tags on every item is long gone, and the skilled cashier that could add and subtract in their head is VERY hard to find.

  • samw

    I think it is new math designed to fail. Little wonder any nation with an EMP is willing to take on the snowflakes here in U.S.