Taking Concealed Carry to the next level


This compact .22 pistol is taking concealment to the next level.

Trailblazer Firearms’ “Lifeguard .22LR” is an interesting firearm. It looks like a Leatherman or credit card multi tool. In fact, it’s a small, back-up weapon useful when you don;t want to look like you’re carrying.

The company, which “was founded in 2014 to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative American-made firearms” has created a folding single-shot, single-action .22 caliber pistol half an inch wide.

Weighing 7 oz. and capable of storing four rounds in its small storage compartment, the Lifeguard is an ultimate deep-concealment weapon. It’s definitely not a primary concealed carry gun, but it’s certainly worth considering as a final line of defense for any concealed carrier.

What do you think? Effective conceal carry piece? Or toy? Let us know in the comments.


  • iceman

    by the time you get it out you would be dead

  • paulrod

    I have to agree with Iceman, it’s a nice idea, but seems too slow. Since .22’s have little or no kick, I wonder if it might help if the grip just slid straight back, allowing a spring-loaded trigger to rotate back and downward, in a double-action mode. You probably wouldn’t need more than two fingers on the stock, and the trigger when retracted would be masked by the stock, thus providing a safety. Thoughts, anyone?

  • Texastim

    paulrod – there are no comments from anyone other than the two of us, so I can’t advise on what “Iceman” has posted….somewhere.

    But I agree with you that some modifications would help, but they used to sell a “cellphone” that had 4/5 loaded gun barrels in .22LR. One need only point the business end of the device at the target and press the buttons used to discharge each cartridge. I think it looked better and had enough firepower, with four straight charges, to eliminate the threat.

  • bontai Joe

    Any gun is better than no gun. This kinda reminds me of the WWII “Liberator” single shot pistol in miniature. Good enough to kill a bad guy and then claim his better gun if needed.