Will your driver’s license be valid for airline travel next January? Nine states won’t be.


Beginning Jan. 22, 2018, travelers from nine states will no longer be able to travel with only their driver’s licenses.

Residents of Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington will have to use alternate ID forms (passport, military ID, or permanent resident card) to pass TSA security checkpoints—even for domestic travel.

Travelers who are not from the nine states will not be affected by the change in 2018. But by 2020, all travelers must have identification in compliance with REAL ID or they will not be allowed through TSA security checkpoints. This was a result of post-9/11 findings that found terrorists could too easily acquire licenses allowing them to move around the US unimpeded.

Only 24 states (plus Washington, D.C.) currently comply with the rules set forward in the act. The remaining states have been given extensions (through 2017) to meet REAL ID standards.

Documentation required before issuing a license or ID card

Before a card can be issued, the applicant must provide the following documentation:

  • A photo ID, or a non-photo ID that includes full legal name and birthdate
  • Documentation of birth date
  • Documentation of legal status and Social Security number
  • Documentation showing name and principal residence address

Digital images of each document will be stored in each state DMV database.

Document verification requirements

Section 202(c)(3) of the Real ID Act requires the states to “verify, with the issuing agency, the issuance, validity, and completeness of each document” that is required to be presented by a driver’s license applicant to prove their identity, birth date, legal status in the U.S., social security number and the address of their principal residence. The same section states that the only foreign document acceptable is a foreign passport.

  • Frank W Brown

    Restricting travel is another communist ploy, END the real ID act, NOW would be good!

  • Shorty Stuff

    Next they’ll force you to get chipped, or barcoded — the mark of the beast is on it’s way.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    the cost of allowing muslims, and illegal aliens into this nation.

  • dasbunker

    And paying them for the privilege.
    Allah FUBAR !

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    yes our government, even paid and trained them for the 9/11 attacks. and if you, were to aid and abet them as much as the government you would be in prison.

  • 4Pip

    If you are an illegal you get exempted from this. So don’t worry.

  • Traveller62

    So they are saying that people who do not have RealID-compliant DL’s cannot even go into the Post Office to mail a letter!!!!!

  • Traveller62

    I thought it was “Allah-ha FUBAR”.

  • dazle1

    Screw their National Id, I call it Human Registration! We wont let them register our guns but we allow them to register us? The main point of this ID is that they want to know at all times where you live so they can come and seize you whenever they want! Screw the govt, there are ways to fool even this ID !

  • dazle1

    No, airline travel.

  • H Lee

    This is due to the sorriness of many states who give driver license to anyone, any illegal, without giving a hoot as to who they are, or where they are from.

  • Stephen Stengrim

    The only foreign document accepted is a Passport. Bloody idiots, my birth certificate is German because I was born there at Weisbaden AFB when my father was stationed there with the 504 PIR.

  • John Decker

    Welcome to the Balkans, U.S.A. where no states agree with any other about what comprises legal ID. Born here? Can’t go there. Born there? Can’t come here. I’m waiting for them to treat driver’s licenses like concealed carry permits. Your ID is null and void when you cross the border into another state. Next to come will be your religious and political affiliation on your ID to further restrict your travel. Unless you are rich enough to buy a Congressman- then you can go anywhere with no restrictions. Now you know where the old saying “money talks or nobody walks” came from.

  • samw

    But they have to know who to purge when they take over if you don’t have papers off to concentration (whoops!) FEMA camp.