Madagascar plague spreading because relatives are digging up corpses and dancing with them


The Madagascar plague (Black Death) we have been reporting here and here is spreading because relatives are digging up their Black Death corpses and dancing with the bodies as part of ancient Famadihana ritual prevalent on the island.

Madagascans have been told to call a halt to the ceremony as it is feared to have contributed to the outbreak that has left 120 dead from pneumonic plague – an even deadlier strain of the lethal disease than bubonic plague.

The plague is a bacteria and it can lie dormant in graves for centuries. Digging recently deceased corpses up is asking for trouble.

Here’s a video from 2014. It’s like a jolly village fair – except with dead bodies. And remember – this is just hours by plane from an airport near you.

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  • fog donkey

    Stupid is as stupid does. Whole lot of stupid going on there.

  • Are they all NUTS?… Its predicted in the bible we are going to eventually have major diseases and people like this just may be helping it along. How very, very stupid and very, very pagan…which is even worse.

  • samw

    Whoever weaponized this knew right where to release it! Next comes a war to create refugees to spread it worldwide! Wake up got some bad people in government. (Not Trump)

  • Snake

    It will not take long for it to spread across Africa. We need to send Obozo and his family there (Madagascar) for a vacation trip.

  • Mikial

    Sorry, but after working security contracts in the Third World since 2004, this isn’t surprising and this sort of thing happens all the time. During the Ebola plague a few years ago people were stealing their relatives bodies for burial and other were stealing the contaminated bedclothes. There was even a case of people stealing contaminated blood samples. People in these cesspools are stupid and ignorant and they will do all sorts of stupid and ignorant things. Darwin called that Natural Selection. Go figure.