VIDEO: Dad teaches daughter about firearms and firearms safety.


She’s learning how to do it right. But do you think she should be learning at all?

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  • Calvin Snelling

    That is a stupid question

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    The only NEW GUN LAW that America really needs, and we REALLY DO NEED this one.

    K-12 MANDATORY Gun Safety.
    Beginning in Kindergarten, and continuing through school K-12 I suggest a MANDATORY firearms education class.

    Complete with hands on training and live fire from 4th grade on. The older the student, the larger the caliber.

    With a full and complete knowledge of firearms, what their uses are,
    and the inherent dangers being well known the number of ‘accidents’ will

    With the intimate knowledge of safe firearms usage, more people will be likely to carry, either concealed or open.

    It will become the norm, and with a certain knowledge that there will
    be return fire, the loons that want to shoot up a school for their
    instant glory in the spotlight of the current news cycle will no longer
    view schools, movie theaters and shopping malls as a great place to
    become famous.

    To counter the gun control nuts gnashing of teeth and wailing incessantly, I propose the following:

    Automobiles kill and maim far more people each year than firearms.. AND
    they offer minimal training in schools.. usually 6 weeks or less.

    In woodshop, the students are taught the dangers of all the power
    tools, as well as the hand tools, and the safe usage and handling.
    Metal working shop, same thing. Dangers and hazards are demonstrated and explained.

    The student are taught safety and proper handling procedures.

    sexual activity has hazards and inherent dangers, and the school system
    has taken on the task of educating the children in safe practices.
    (usually against the parents wishes)

    The list can go on for a very long time.

    The end result is, EDUCATION is the only safe route to minimal firearms
    accidents, and the gun control lobby is the sole obstacle to keeping
    Americans of all ages safe from the misuse of firearms.

    They insist that all people, when they see a gun, run away and hide, shrieking with fear all the while.

    They don’t teach the same behavior about cars…. or power tools, or condoms, or lawn mowers, or swimming pools…

    End result is more people knowing , and UNDERSTANDING the Second Amendment.
    After graduation more people will be carrying open and concealed.
    The criminal element will disappear further into the shadows facing odds they do not like.

    The Military gets pre-trained marksmen and sharpshooters.
    Corrupt politicians no longer have control over the People.

  • Nam1

    Well, let’s turn it around, if she wants to know about handguns and proper usage, then she should learn ‘how to do it right’… She probably knows more then most adults who own one.

  • ray

    glad she wants to learn, and every other kid that wants to learn gun safety. the more they know the less problem their will be in the days to come.

  • ray

    one more gun law needed if your 21 no and no criminal you should be required to own and carry one ,everywhere.

  • ERB

    He deserves a good parenting award.

  • Medic RN

    Yes! Now!

  • Medic RN

    Israel, Switzerland, now! Zero crime!

  • Medic RN

    Nooooo! Can’t learn. Can’t be responsible for yourself. Can’t defend or protect yourself. We’ll determine what is best for you. We’ll shout down your opinion and argue for our own stupidity while we Rob you blind. Who needs more than 10 rounds for hunting? Never mind our liberal governing murdering millions of you stupid slaves. Open the borders to the world! Sanctuary cities for everyone! America; A Valhalla land of feelings and sweet love for everyone. Blacks are the only lives that matter! As facists, were Antifa.
    Geeez I’m getting tired of this mantra.

  • John Decker

    When she goes to college, she’ll need that skill set. While colleges claim to be “anti-violence” they are surely not “anti-rape”. You read about it to some degree, but for it to make it to the MSM, who will cover it up as much as possible, it must be really bad. This girl is lucky to have intelligent parents who realize that their daughter’s safety is up to herself. That is a message liberals cannot seem to understand.

  • beagle2725

    in the rural town I grew up in we learned at a young age, hunting ,target shooting and competion, high school had a hunting club and shooting club, had guns in the home and the house was always full of neighborhood kids and no one was curious or touched them we all knew to touch only with an adult there. we also played cops and robbers with our fingers and no one got hurt.

  • Al Danzo

    Perfectly fine. I was involved with firearms at a VERY young age, taught safety. Carried that over to my children, grandchildren & friends children. Just about every friend I had owned firearms as did my entire family. Firearms are not the problem, people are the problem. We all were taught firearm safety, very, very early in our lives.

  • Jeffrey Gerolmo

    When I was young , responsible gun and sporting goods stores WOULD NOT SELL YOU A GUN until you took a gun safety course . Often given by certified trainers on site with live fire practice . Boy or girl ! Same thing .

  • William

    Learning how to handle a firearm safely will enable ths young lady to be more aware of how to avoid negligent discharges.

  • Mikial

    “But do you think she should be learning at all?”

    Is this a trick question? Hell’yeah she should be learning it. I’ve taught everyone in my family, through more than one wife, to shoot and fight well. Any one of them could not only defend themselves, but could back me up in a pinch. REAL Americans are not victims, they are fighters. And while anyone can come out on the losing end of an encounter if in a really bad situation. . . well, that should be AFTER the fight.

    Train, prepare, and have a warrior mindset.

  • Tony

    I have to say, at first I thought you were being sarcastic and just being a tool….but as I continued to read, it made sense. It makes TOO MUCH SENSE. How is it that we don’t educate our youth on their 2nd Amendment RIGHT but we will take time to educate them on other PRIVILEGES? Well done!

  • Tony

    As for the young lady, well done!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    As parents we always seek to protect our young through education.

    Firearms have been demonized for so long that any civil discourse is not possible.

    Now it’s ‘common knowledge’ that a gun in a closet will jump out and start killing everybody and the shooter has no control.

    What better way than to put it in the schools and take the hyperbole out of the equation?

  • Tony

    Well stated sir!

  • Tony

    Apparently my firearms are very well behaved. Tbey are nkt out running the streets late at night (they come back to the safe when the street lights come on), they dont load themselves, and they certainly dont go around shooting people- not my firearms, they are too well behaved for such shenanigans!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I received my first firearm 62 1/2 years ago, and it has never shown any indications of wanting the freedom to go about murdering people.

    On the other hand, it appears that weapons owned by liberals hypnotize, or otherwise invade the minds of their owners and assume control over their actions.

    So, the question before us today seems to be:

    “How weak minded must one be in order to be controlled by an inanimate object?”

  • Gary Hart

    Just so she remembers, there’s more than one shot in each clip. I started my children shooting when they were 5 years old. The have always been around guns and know gun safety. Now, at age 49 and age 43, they know gun safety and are both expert shots (not just marksman). They both know that proper gun handling and shooting might protect them and their families from the crazies out there.

  • sr999

    I couldn’t get the video .

  • John Fillion

    Excellent, My happiest regards.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    Should be taught in schools. They teach everything else that only parents should be teaching.
    Better a child that knows how to PROPERLY handle a weapon instead of these awful stories we hear when an uninformed curious child finds moms or dads loaded weapon.
    Hey lefties, THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN is what you all preach.

  • David Blakeman

    Teaching your children, starting at a young age about guns, will instill in them safety and proper handling of firearms, If you don’t you are setting yourself up for a tragedy, as they will find them and childish curiosity being what it is, they will play with them and someone will be hurt or worse.
    I was taught about firearms when I was three, and fired my first one when I was four. My first lesson was always treat any gun as a loaded gun and check to see if it is loaded. I will never forget this lesson.