Defeating scam email with artificial intelligence


Next time you get sent a scam email from that Nigerian widow or the hot Russian babe FORWARD it to

Netsafe built this bot as a new weapon in the fight against the billion-dollar email scam industry. It’s a sophisticated AI email program designed to reply to email scammers. When you forward a scam to rescam it adopts one of many personas and engages the scammers in conversation, so they waste their time talking to a computer instead of targeting real people. It also collects information about the scammers, so it can keep learning and share what it’s learned to help people avoid becoming victims. They never use your email, so it’s safe for you.

  • William

    Too bad there seems to be nothing similar to combat phone scammers. I get several a day and although I am on the Do Not Call Registry, they keep on coming. I have even received calls from someone claiming to be an FBI Agent, threatening to arrest me for tax evasion.

  • Dave

    William. Get yourself a phone that has blocking feature. I have an old one made by Uniden, and I’m so thankful that I have it. I get many calls from overseas and they are all scammers. I push the button to block when I see an overseas # on my call display, or any # that I don’t want. It is amazing how many are repeat offenders, as when they call again, they will be blocked automatically and eventually discouraged enough to stop calling. That takes time because your # is on a list or several lists through no fault of yours. This can be better than changing your #. Do your research. Good luck.

  • Foxyjosh
  • Ron

    Based on my experiences (and there are several every week) your suggestion does no good, in my opinion. The scammers will simply try to call again with the same message but their phone # will be a different one (you haven’t blocked).
    OFTEN the #’s will show up with an area code and / or city the same as mine. ALL FAKE.

  • samw

    I wonder how many of the people on Disqus are really chat bots for the left?