BETTER THAN CONCORDE: Boom Supersonic ~ New York to London in THREE HOURS


Supersonic flight has existed for 70 years, but until now, it hasn’t been efficient enough for routine travel. Boom’s airliner enables fares 75% lower than Concorde, about the same price as today’s business class tickets.

This advance in efficiency is made possible by a breakthrough aerodynamic design, state-of-the-art engines, and advanced composites. While regular aircraft fly around .82 Mach, the Boom Supersonic will fly at 2.2 Mach – faster even than Concorde.

The owners of Boom are testing their technology in a smaller version. XB-1 is a one-third scale realization of the Boom passenger airliner. It will demonstrate in flight the key technologies for practical supersonic travel. XB-1 is the first independently developed supersonic jet and history’s fastest civil aircraft. It is under construction now and will fly next year.

Find out more about Boom Supersonic here. 

  • pnyikos

    Playing the role of Cassandra is never pleasant, and in fact I hope my doubts about this venture are unfounded. Yet I continue…

    When, if ever, will the full-scale model fly, let alone become the airline envisioned here?

    Lots of promising ideas were shelved once the realities of development sank in. For instance, back in the late 1950’s there was huge publicity about the up and coming B-70 bomber, a Mach 3 wonder to replace the subsonic B-52. Nothing ever came of it besides a single prototype without the electronics to act as a real bomber, and here we are well over half a century later with the B-52 still our only big bomber.

    Even more relevant: there was intense competition when the French first started developing the Concorde, with Britain and the USA working on their own supersonic public transports. The USA version was modeled closely on the then-still-hopeful B-70. But they never made it, and the Concorde enjoyed a monopoly on supersonic travel until it was retired for reasons I never could quite understand.