Magpul Ruger 10/22 Takedown, Utltimate Survival Rifle


I’m posting this video because it’s cool. But it’s not the makeover I wanted to share. That’s over on Imgur. That dude fits all this into his 10/22 Ruger rifle:

Firemaking – firesteel, striker, lighter in bag, and tinder tabs.
Water collection – 1 liter water bag and 6 water purification tablets.
Signaling/lighting – whistle, headlamp, Apals led sticky light.
Cutting – ESEE Izula 2, Gerber multitool.
Ammo: 50 rounds of 22lr Ammo. One magazine capable of holding 10 rounds.

But watch the video below and see how you can open up your Ruger 10/22 to stash things in it and then make your essential bug-out rifle.

  • John Decker

    That’s a really practical setup. I bought a 10-22 takedown with a wooden stock. I lose all that storage space on your polymer stock, but mine came with a very nice two chamber backpack that holds the rifle and has storage for mags, ammo, or whatever. It will also hold my Henry AR-7, so if I wish I can carry both rifles at once. My rig is obviously heavier, but I just prefer wood to plastic ( I have two ARs and an M1A, all plastic). The Ruger is a really nice rifle in either version,but I got lucky with a very nice piece of wood. Some like one, some the other, it makes the world go round.

  • Margaret

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