Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a regular person. Married with kids. Live in the burbs. Try and live as independently as possible while still playing an active role in the community. I’m generally suspicious of the government, I love new technology, I like firearms, I like experimenting with cooking and home skills. I believe in God and I love the Constitution as the Founders wrote it although I believe everyone is equally equal!

So why Self-Reliance Central? Because we live in uncertain times. Who knows when an act of terrorism might occur, or when a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, volcano or earthquake is going to strike?  Or what our politicians, bureaucrats and regulators will do to affect us adversely?

As our aging infrastructure starts to break down, power outages and water quality alerts are becoming all too common. We must know how to deal with the problems these bring in the most up-to-date manner possible.

We need to stay alert to changes that affect us. And we need to know how to respond to these changes.

Life today is complex and sophisticated. Few of us know how our cars work, or the computer operates, or what our food contains. We’ve lost the basic skills that our grandparents possessed.

We’re all so busy juggling our busy lives and running to stand still, that we very often overlook the basics. All too few of us can change our own oil, fix a faucet, preserve food, perform basic first aid, or survive in the wild. Or understand exactly what a new law means for us.

At Self-Reliance Central we’re all for enjoying the good life. Why sweep when you can vacuum? Why gather kindling when you can use a generator? But when the fragile consumer links break down – when you lose power, banking, electricity, water, or your home, you have to ask yourself – would you have the skills and know-how to be able to survive? Would you be offering help, or taking it? Will the government help or hinder?

This site is dedicated to bringing you information that will empower you to respond to financial, social, medical, political and weather-related emergencies, as well as to simplify your life and reduce your dependence on outside agencies.

Whether it’s wilderness survival, asset protection, privacy, health, food preservation, first aid, alternative life skills, understanding laws and regulations, or home maintenance we’re going to cover it. Some of it will be life saving, some just life enhancing. But it will all add up to making you better equipped to deal with whatever the fates throw at you.

I hope you like the site — we’re dedicated to bringing you information on all aspects of the self-reliant life.

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